Join Max Mara Group as a Retail Supervisor!

We are looking for young postgraduates with a strong passion for the Retail Area and Fashion.

..Are you always up to date with the new trends? Fashion magazines are your daily bread?
..Do you like working with people?
..Do you know more than one foreign languages?
..Do you have strong economics skills?
..Have you ever worked in a shop or in contact with the public?
..Are you able to motivate someone on how to sell a coat in summer?
..Are you able to keep consistent KPIs and achieving goals?
..Are you ready for intensive training at different stores in Italy and in Europe?
..Are you available to work on different sites and be often traveling?

Congratulations, Join Us!

The successful candidates will become Retail Supervisors of the Max Mara Group and will be assigned to our base in Italy for one year and one of our European locations for another year for a really a unique job-rotational experience.

To apply, please fill out the online form and send us a short video (1 min.) explaining why do you rate yourself eligible for this Professional Training.

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Max Mara Group is always looking for selected candidates ready to put themselves at stake in a challenging training program designed to develop competencies and skills and start a managerial career inside our Companies.

What we are looking for…

  • High motivation
  • Keen interest in fashion industries
  • Post-graduate degree in economics, business, management or equivalent academic backgrounds
  • English proficiency and fluency in at least one or more foreign languages
  • Excellent teamwork and leadership skills
  • Target orientation
  • Negotiation, marketing and effective communication abilities

What we offer…

A unique opportunity to understand our business, through a Job Rotation experience in which you will get involved into various projects and act in different contexts under throughout supervision of one of our senior executives.

What we expect from you…

  • Understanding of our Group’s values, culture, and philosophy
  • Familiarity with the fashion business
  • High level of commitment in any project as you may be involved in
  • Willingness to establish excellent professional records in the medium and long term

How you should apply…

  • Send your CV
  • Draw-up and submit a new strategic and innovative project for one of our Brand
  • Provide a short video (1 minute) in which you introduce yourself ( creative!)

Join Us!

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As a Retail Supervisor, you will be responsible for ensuring consistent growth and increasing sales turnover of the reference stores in the area managed in accordance with the applicable retail logics, Standards, and corporate philosophy.

Other responsibilities will include:

  • Manning of the stores on the reference territory and improvement of the sale performances;
  • Management of human resources in terms of recruitment, training, and development.
  • Up keeping the standing of the store, staff, and product in accordance with the corporate standards and philosophy.


Essential Skills:

  • A degree in economics or equivalent faculties will be preferable.
  • Previous experience in retail/sales in the fashion field.
  • English proficiency.
  • Resident or ready to move to Australia.


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This role is responsible for development, monitoring, overseeing of foreign markets and relationships; the generation of sale forecasts and the creation of distribution projects; assessing market trends; planning and supporting the management of sales campaigns for the assigned marketing areas.

Essential Skills:
• Post-graduate degree in economics
• At least two-year experience in a similar position
• English proficiency
• Unconstrained availability to frequent travelling and prolonged stay abroad
• Proactive and result-oriented behaviour
• Excellent relational and negotiation skills
• Good analysis skills
• Keen interest for the fashion sector
• leadership

Paola, HR Dept.


Responsible for the overall quality of the inspection, reparations and logistics departments.
Maintaining quality control standards according to the company requirements. Checking the quality of the knitwear production and report the status of the goods.
Give instructions on quality, priority and manage daily problems in the inspection center and warehouse.
Supervising and monitoring the performances of QC and repairing area.
Maintaining an active role in order to get continuous improvement on the teams.
Interacting with suppliers about the quality and establishing positive relationships.
Working with operating staff to establish procedures, standards, systems.
Training of computer logistic system to Chinese staff.

Desired skills and experience

  • Fluent Chinese and English verbal and written communication skills
  • Mandatory three (3) years of experience required in the field
  • Experience with knitwear production is an advantage
  • Previous experience in Asia is required
  • Computer proficiency
  • Quality orientation and high attention to details
  • Problem solving and teamwork
  • Strong organizational and follow-up skills
  • Demonstrate high level of responsibility and show initiative
  • Ability to work overtime during peak periods

Requirements/Additional information

  • This position is addressed to expatriate candidates
  • The location of the employment is Shanghai

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Don't miss this opportunity to be siding our in-house Showroom Staff at our premise's Reggio Emilia for the upcoming marketing campaign. You will experience our marketing and sale process for the presentation of our Brand collections to foreign Buyers.

During this time, you will access and develop:
•    marketing and distribution logics for fashion sales at international levels
•    basic sale techniques
•    customer service practices
•    visual merchandising

Period: November 2014 – March 2015

Essential Skills:
•    English proficiency
•    Keen interest for the fashion sector
•    Flexibility
•    Teamwork and good relational skills

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