Are you keen on fashion and products?

Do you like visual merchandising?

Have you got good taste for nice looking settings and do you work well with your hands?

Have you graduated or are you about to graduate from the university?


During the upcoming months of September and October you will be siding our V.M. teams during the design, installation, and shooting of our window looks and the merchandising used in our guidelines for all our stores.

You will then have the opportunity to understand some of the concepts used for product selections and VM techniques.


Place of work: Reggio Emilia

Work time: Mondays-Fridays, full time

HR Dept.


Library/Archive Assistants help day-to-day running of the Library. They enter texts and load pictures in the Fashion Library and Collection Archive, and they support all library functions, including but not limited to caring and preserving of the Archive materials, references and historical researches, and collaboration with the staff responsible  for various projects.

Essential Skills: 

  • Background studies on costume history, fashion, and textile design, as well as art history (Middle Age, multi medial, visual arts)
  • English proficiency
  • Previous experience with Library or Fashion Archive databases
  • Good working knowledge of Mac's environments

Soft Skills:

  • A strong passion and interest in fashion and fashion accessories
  • Excellent relational skills and teamwork ability

Mariacarla, HR Dept.


Don't miss this opportunity to be siding our in-house Showroom Staff at our premise's Reggio Emilia for the upcoming marketing campaign. You will experience our marketing and sale process for the presentation of our Brand collections to foreign Buyers.

During this time, you will access and develop:

  • marketing and distribution logics for fashion sales at international levels
  • basic sale techniques
  • customer service practices
  • visual merchandising

Period: May 2014 – September 2014

Essential Skills:

  • Ongoing enrolment to any course of study for which curricular internships are required
  • English proficiency
  • Keen interest for the fashion sector
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork and good relational skills

HR Dept.


Are you a fashion enthusiast?
Are you ready for a sale experience?
During the next sale campaign, between November and March 2014, you will have a chance to side our salespeople within our corporate showrooms and attend the presentation and sale of out collections to our foreign buyers. This will also provide you an opportunity to grab the sales and marketing logics applicable to our products worldwide.

Required qualification:

  • Be enrolled in a degree course
  • Flexibility and communication skills
  • Strong interest for fashion products
  • English Proficiency

Fiorenza, HR Dept.


The role will work closely with our staff at the Showroom in Milan during sale campaigns and throughout the entire process of developing a collection from the presentation to the setup, sale, and take-down of the collections. Supporting senior salespeople in the management of the sales orders, this role will receive a basic training in new sales techniques, window displays, communication, and product display.

Essential Skills:

- Post-graduate degree in economics or languages

- English proficiency

Soft Skills:

- Strong interest in fashion

- Excellent relational skills and teamwork ability

Maria Carla, HR Dept.


This role is responsible for backup to the industrial planning functions by providing some data entry services, continuous monitoring of deviations from the established production plans, and possible corrective actions. 


Required qualifications:

_technical graduate degree

_Office package proficiency

_good English


Soft Skills

_ability to relate and work in teams

_organizational skills

Maria Carla, HR Dept.