For our domestic market, we are recruiting a new Marketing Development Manager for the North-West regions of Lombardia, Piemonte, Valle D'Aosta, and Liguria.

About the role:

  • Development of wholesale and mono brand sales in the reference territory;
  • Ensuring suitable marketing for the corporate sales strategies;
  • Overseeing the reaching of the predefined qualitative and quantitative targets;
  • Collaborating the Head Offices in bad credit recovery;
  • Budget management and sale forecasts;
  • Coordination of the sale network and management of the relationships with the customers;
  • Participation in the sale campaigns;

About you:

  • Previous marketing experience in the apparel/fashion sector
  • In-depth understanding of distribution logics, in particular, for the reference geographic area
  • Leadership
  • Relationship and negotiation skills
  • Networking
  • Proactive and dynamic approach
  • Good in aesthetics, able to appreciate beauty and good taste
  • Post-graduate degree in economics/marketing

This position is part of the New Media team and is responsible for the management of the main socials of the brands in our Group. Social Media Managers are to act in accordance with the reference internal procedures for the creation, planning, and follow-up of any operation suitable to increase Brand awareness, and community engagement. As a Social Media Manager, you will transfer the values and identity of the brand and its products, and develop the potential of e-commerce.


The successful candidate will have at least two-year previous experience in social platform management and a post-graduate degree in communication science (preferably digital communication) or any other equivalent master degree.

Moreover, we require familiarity with Social Media dynamics, platform management techniques, as well as the correct method to relate with the users.

As a Social Media Manager, you will be requested a general basic understanding of all other digital activities and dynamics (on-line Adv, Performance Marketing, Content Marketing, Direct Marketing, Analytics, etc…) and you shall be able to integrate the various Socials and their activities into a common strategy aimed at joint-targets.

Flexibility, resolution, willing to learn and work in teams are just some of the other skills needed for this position.

You may also be passionate about fashion and a fluent English speaker.


Join Max Mara Group as a Retail Supervisor!

We are looking for young postgraduates with a strong passion for the Retail Area and Fashion.

..Are you always up to date with the new trends? Fashion magazines are your daily bread?
..Do you like working with people?
..Do you know more than one foreign languages?
..Do you have strong economics skills?
..Have you ever worked in a shop or in contact with the public?
..Are you able to motivate someone on how to sell a coat in summer?
..Are you able to keep consistent KPIs and achieving goals?
..Are you ready for intensive training at different stores in Italy and in Europe?
..Are you available to work on different sites and be often traveling?

Congratulations, Join Us!

The successful candidates will become Retail Supervisors of the Max Mara Group and will be assigned to our base in Italy for one year and one of our European locations for another year for a really a unique job-rotational experience.

To apply, please fill out the online form and send us a short video (1 min.) explaining why do you rate yourself eligible for this Professional Training.

HR Dept.


Max Mara Group is always looking for selected candidates ready to put themselves at stake in a challenging training program designed to develop competencies and skills and start a managerial career inside our Companies.

What we are looking for…

  • High motivation
  • Keen interest in fashion industries
  • Post-graduate degree in economics, business, management or equivalent academic backgrounds
  • English proficiency and fluency in at least one or more foreign languages
  • Excellent teamwork and leadership skills
  • Target orientation
  • Negotiation, marketing and effective communication abilities

What we offer…

A unique opportunity to understand our business, through a Job Rotation experience in which you will get involved into various projects and act in different contexts under throughout supervision of one of our senior executives.

What we expect from you…

  • Understanding of our Group’s values, culture, and philosophy
  • Familiarity with the fashion business
  • High level of commitment in any project as you may be involved in
  • Willingness to establish excellent professional records in the medium and long term

How you should apply…

  • Send your CV
  • Draw-up and submit a new strategic and innovative project for one of our Brand
  • Provide a short video (1 minute) in which you introduce yourself ( creative!)

Join Us!

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The Project Manager will support the Organizer Staff for governance of the company, the design, implementation, and follow-up of management project and cross-functional actions.

This role involves analysis, reporting, and business intelligence tasks in trade and retail areas in accordance with the Marketing and General Management.

Key-accountabilities will include:

  • Designing and controlling of the execution of the management operations by coordinating spending, timing, human resources
  • Keeping and updating the analysis and reporting systems
  • Overseeing the implementation of the IT processes and tools ensuring that they always properly operate and helping users, if needed
  • Supporting the Manager for optimization of the governance process
  • Reviewing the location offered by the brokers and executing an initial analysis of their economical and potential value
  • Handling business intelligence clusters at different levels: management, marketing, retail

Essential Skills:

  • Available to short travels
  • Planning and organization skills
  • Degree in Management Engineering or Economics
  • Excellent analysis, and simplification skills
  • Pro-activity and critical-thinking
  • English Proficiency

HR Dept.


In this role, you will be responsible for supporting the Management in planning, measuring, and analysing the corporate results.
You will also help to define control methods and the actuation of the systems needed for their application to the reference corporate process. Also, this role will involve supervising the group projects, evaluating the quality and consistency of the data, and delivering relevant information to the decision-makers at corporate levels.
Key-accountabilities will include:

  • Budgeting
  • Analysis of the deviations
  • Definition of the KPIs and measurement of the corporate performances
  • Checking the direct and indirect costs of the corporate operations
  • Evaluating the financial impact of the various projects
  • Internal reporting (both at consolidated and individual legal entity/ division levels)

Essential Skills:

  •  Economic studies
  •  Previous experience in a similar position
  •  Excellent analysis, and simplification skills
  •  Organizational skills
  •  Excellent, relational skills

HR Dept.