Assistant Store Manager M/F

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Assistant Store Manager M/F

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S/he supports the Store Manager in managing and coordinating all the Floor Managers of the Store in order to pursue business objectives defined and given by the Store Manager, accordingly with the Brand Philosophy and Corporate Standards.
This role has the following main objectives: a) S/he manages, coordinates and oversees the Floor Managers in order to pursue and reach the assigned budget both in terms of business development and identifying possible efficiencies with regard to resources (people, costs, investments) b) S/he ensures that the proper level of satisfaction for the customers is provided through the Brand Philosophy and Corporate Standards, accordingly with the Store Manager


- Assume the responsibilities of the Store Manager when required by the Store Manager or Retail Supervisor

- Organize, manage, coordinate and oversee the Floor Managers (people and costs) in terms of efficiency and achievement of assigned objectives

- Manage and control that the assigned resources are able to provide the service level to the customers, ensuring that they represents the Brand properly (dress, make up, manners, etc.)

- Identify and suggest activities to the Store Manager related to the organization, development and performance of the assigned resources

- Plan and develop the knowledge of the people staff through the provided training tools and methods. The main knowledge to develop include, but are not limited to:
- product
- customers
- selling techniques

- Ensure the achievement of the objectives given by the Retail Direction in terms of quantity (budget, turnover and profitability) and quality (Brand Philosophy and Corporate Standards), accordingly with the Store Manager

- Ensure the maintenance of the store image, the product and the store staff, accordingly with the standards defined by the Brand, accordingly with the Store Manager

- Support the Store Manager in manage the product accordingly with the Brand mix, the products rotation, the window tools, taking care of the assigned business objectives

- Support the Store Manager in analyze the sales report and business performances (store, people staff, products, etc.)

- Oversee incoming inventory and ensure freight is stocked to the sales floor in a timely manner

- Ensure that all the assigned resources represents the Brand properly (dress, make up, manners, etc.)



Europe, Italy

Candidate criteria


English (B1 - Limited Working Proficiency)