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UI/UX Designer Internship M/F

Vacancy details

General information

Reference number

UX104-M013-2019 stage-1356  

Job details

Job Title

UI/UX Designer Internship M/F

Job Profile

The UI / UX Designer intern is responsible for the graphic design and the engineering of the consumer's online interaction and experience.
The main objectives of the UX7UI department are to satisfy the brand's requirements and to realize UI / UX prototypes that meet the aesthetic taste of the consumer and optimize sales conversions.

Key Responsibilities

- Collaborate with the Product Manager and implement innovative solutions for product, visual and experience management

- Actively participate in all visual design phases from the concept to the prototype delivery to the IT Department

- Conceptualize and realize original ideas that can enrich the consumer's online experience in terms of simplicity and user friendliness

- Create wireframes, storyboards, user and process flows and conceptual maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas

- Presents and promotes projects and targets for the executive team and stakeholders

- Conduct user analysis and research, collect and evaluate user feedback

- Define and promote guidelines, best practices and standards in the graphic design field





Europe, Italy, Emilia-Romagna

Job Location

Via Fratelli Cervi, 61

Candidate criteria

Minimum Level of Education Required

04 - Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Level of Experience Required