Tech Internship - Cloud M/F

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Tech Internship - Cloud M/F

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The Tech Internship is aimed at undergraduates / recent graduates in scientific disciplines

Haven't you matured IT skills yet?
Don't worry, with our Internship you will have the opportunity to approach innovative technologies in the Cloud field and to be supported in your journey by our tutors

What are we looking for?
Curiosity, commitment and experimentation

Key Responsibilities

The journey we're offering:

- Evolution of a proprietary cloud backup service to implement remote Binary Logs and restore test automation

- Design and implementation of a proactive cloud cost monitoring system (sending alerts and carrying out actions following the exceeding of thresholds)

- Design and implementation of a scalable, geographically distributed and authenticated SMTP Relay service with policy-based filtering and queuing features

- Design and implementation of a distributed infrastructure for logging and analyzing logs from a multi-cloud infrastructure

- Design and implementation of a time-based scheduling service for IaaS resources (start and stop VM and DB)

- Design and prototyping of a distributed multi-cloud and multi-platform service mesh infrastructure (CaaS and IaaS)

- Design and prototyping of a solution for the management of application secrets in the IaaS, CaaS and FaaS fields

- Design and implementation of a continuous delivery platform for multi-cloud and multi-platform environments with advanced features



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Europe, Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Reggio-Emilia

Job Location

Via Giulia Maramotti Fontanesi, 42124 Reggio Emilia RE, Italia

Candidate criteria

Minimum Level of Education Required

04 - Bachelor's Degree

Field of Studies

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (others)
  • Mathematics
  • Science

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English (B2 - Professional Working Proficiency)