Who we are looking for

Who is our travelling companion?


Traveller, but not a tourist: someone who, with dedication and commitment, immerses themselves in the adventure and feels part of a team, with concrete, shared results.

We expect them to be able to live an oxymoron: believing that the new boundaries to every role are characterised by a growing certainty of their own responsibilities and a proactive, contributive approach that extends to the interplay with other roles.
And it is in this fluid area of superimposed roles that a new value is created, which we call enterprise contribution, or the ability to go beyond your own results, not alone but with others.

What particular skills are necessary for business, today and in the future?


The role now adapts to the vessel, renewing itself frequently while at the same time remaining anchored to solid identities: it is guided by responsibility and planning, rather than the restrictiveness of a list of tasks.


Or the set of necessary skills, which includes a thorough knowledge of the English language, in addition to (at least) a second language, basic knowledge relating to the role (style, economics, marketing, retail, etc.) and all the abilities that derive from the use of a smartphone (intuition, interpersonal skills, curiosity about the device and all that will happen in the future).


The Core. 
It may seem trivial and obvious, but these represent the layer of consistency in this and every role.
Strategic thinking, networking, creativity and achievement. Inspirational leadership, thinking outside the box where the box, as we have seen, knows no boundaries.


Those that make all the difference.
Passion, curiosity and cross-disciplinary learning, “hard work”. Without these, there is a risk of not being capable of overcoming the challenges posed by current scenarios, which are increasingly marked by competitiveness, complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility.