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Legal notices

Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. is pleased to welcome you to its website.

Please read the following information carefully before browsing through the site. This site is subject to the terms and conditions detailed below; changes may be made to these at our sole discretion. The use of this site even in the event of such changes assumes unconditional adherence to the terms and conditions set out forthwith.
The materials contained in this site are designed purely for the purposes of information and promotion: all information, images, photographs, trademarks and any other type of materials contained herein are and shall remain the exclusive property of Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. This means that the total or partial reproduction, distribution, publication, transmission, change of any nature and sale of all the material contained in the site is strictly prohibited. Therefore, any use outlying the terms and conditions above is forbidden and deemed an infringement on the rights of Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l.


The materials presented in this site may show errors or inaccuracies and may not be up to date. Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. declines all responsibility in relation to the above-mentioned content. The evaluation and verification of the information herein is therefore your sole responsibility.

Exclusion of responsibility

Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. and its employees decline all responsibility for any damages that may result from using this website and the information contained herein, and also for the functioning of the site itself. Anyone who uses the information and/or materials contained herein undertakes full responsibility for direct or indirect losses, costs or damage of any nature and extent that may derive from the use of the site.

Registration and personal details

Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. collects and uses the personal details of its website’s users in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30/6/2003, in order to guarantee that such details are processed with complete respect for the rights, basic freedoms and dignity to which individuals are entitled.
Pursuant to article 13 of the above-mentioned decree, please note that the details you provide us with when using the site will be processed in compliance with the regulations regarding privacy, legality and transparency and that your rights will be safeguarded. All users, irrespective of whether they register with the site, are entitled to know in what way Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. complies with the legal provisions in force regarding the use of information. Therefore, please be informed that data will be processed electronically by Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. (Person Responsible for Data Processing) – registered office address Via del Carmine, 10, Turin, Italia.
These data will not be disclosed and may be conveyed only to other companies belonging to the MaxMara Group, and only for the reasons set out above. Data may be processed with the aid of suitable electronic means and may be managed in accordance with the systems provided for by the above-mentioned Decree, in compliance in all cases with the established canons of security and confidentiality.
In compliance with article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30/6/2003, interested parties are entitled, at any time and free of charge, to request information on their personal data, as well as the means by which and the ends to which such data are used. Interested parties may also request that their data be altered or deleted, revoke consent for the continuing use of such data, or request information on the initiatives in which they have taken part. In order to do this, or for further information on how your personal data is collected and used, or for any other questions and/or suggestions, please contact us at the following address: info@maxmarafashiongroup.com

Sending of materials

All the information, ideas, images, photographs and other material of all kinds that are sent to this Site or to the Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. in relation with this site shall be treated as nonconfidential, exception made for personal data; by virtue of their being sent or forwarded to the site, they shall – irrevocably and free of charge – be attributed to Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l.; the Group shall therefore be entitled, without conditions or limits, to transmit, distribute, alter and in general use and sell such information, ideas and materials; therefore, the  sending of such information, ideas and materials shall be considered as authorisation for the Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. to use them freely; Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. shall be under no obligation to make any kind of reference to or give any kind of notice of their receipt, except where expressly requested by law.
You will be deemed solely and exclusively responsible for the content of all the information, ideas, images, photographs and in general any kind of material you may send to this website; therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l., its employees, management and administrators are not affected in any way by damage, costs or losses of any nature; Max Mara Fashion Group S.r.l. may not, furthermore, be held in any way responsible in the event of requests for damages put forward by third parties for any reason, cause or motive deriving from the sending, on your part, of the above-mentioned information, ideas, images, photographs and materials to this site.

Collection and use of Personal Information

The site may use “cookies”. Cookies are used solely for obtaining statistical information on how the site is used and to allow the functioning of some services which require the identification of the route the user has taken through the pages of the site. The cookies used are anonymous and cannot be traced to the user’s personal data. Non-anonymous cookies, which could trace users by means of collation with a database, may be used only to speed up identification for access to restricted areas of the site and to particular personalised services, and therefore only for users who have given their consent to register. Most browsers are set for receiving cookies. If you prefer, you may modify these settings, but this may prevent you from using some functions of the site.

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