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Recruitment and Development


We start from recruiting and over to position training. The latter is very important for us
because we mainly hire young people who are trained and then develop their roles and
grow with us is over the time.


After initial screening, the applicants may be invited to a Skype interview, and group
assessment based on actual business cases and situations, face to face interview with HR. 
Finally, a meeting with the Hiring Manager is arranged.
By this recruiting processes, we strive to make applicants fully understand the reference
position, and the responsibilities and activities involved with the latter. Finally, we bring
applicants to think in terms of suitability for the reference position. This is because our
resources are our travel mates, growing alongside with us and pursuing a permanent
position in the company.


Growth and development start from an induction plan based on the activities that will be
assigned to the applicant and designed to allow the acquisition of all skills and
competences needed. Over the time, the persons are to get involved with a role
development process that is strongly focused to individuals' abilities and business
The final results are checked with the reference Manager during the periodic performance
appraisal meetings