Recruitment and Development

We begin by selecting the successful candidates, then proceed to train them in the role – training is very important because we mostly recruit young people – and continue to develop the role over time.


Selection of candidates


  • First screening of applications received

  • Interactive video call

  • Group assessment carried out by HR Business area specialist, based on concrete business situations

  • In-person interviews with HR

  • In-person interview with the Hiring Manager


During the selection process we try to give the candidates a better understanding of the position, responsibilities and envisaged activities, in order to encourage them to reflect on their suitability for the role as performed within the Max Mara Group.


This is because we are seeking travelling companions and the journey we have in mind is one of continuous long-term growth within the company.


Development of employees


  • Induction plan based on the activities that the person will be required to carry out and aimed at acquiring all the necessary skills and knowledge

  • Long-term role development process, with strong focus on individual temperaments and the needs of the business

  • Regular performance appraisal sessions, an opportunity to reflect on your progress and discuss your achievements with your manager