Welcome to Max Mara Group

An Italian House of Brands, Family Owned Since 1951.

Passion, commitment and tradition have created a unique fashion style: today 9 Main Brands and more than 60 different Collections find common ground in quality, style and respect for the distinctive feature that make Max Mara Fashion Group one of the most famous worldwide.

Max Mara Fashion Group, with 41 companies and over 5,500 employees, operates in 105 countries.
Our ecosystem is made of 44 Depts, including Fashion Design, Marketing, Operations, Retail, Stores, ICT, Architecture Design, Economics, BI, etc. in an Holistic approach to our Customers and leveraging all the new digital competences.

We are looking for travel companions. Travelers willing to explore new skills and abilities that have the shape of water and can adapt to different situations and find new paths not yet covered.

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