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Shop Assistant

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Shop Assistant is responsible for assisting customers during the purchase process. S/he provides a service to customers in accordance with the given guidelines and the business objectives.
The Role has 2 main objectives: A) S/he assists the customers in accordance with the service model, quality standards, retail guidelines and Brand philosophy B) Achieving the business objectives both individually and in team.
S/he reports to the Floor Manager

- Pursue the specific objectives assigned by the Store Manager/Floor Manager in order to contribute in the achievement of the overall objectives of the store, both in terms of quantity (budget, turnover, profitability) and quality (Brand image)

- Follow and apply the Brand guidelines in relation with the standard service model and the required level of relationship with the customers

- Perform the duties assigned by the Store Manager/Floor Manager, related to the needs of the stores, for instance:
- manage the warehouse properly organized (size, type, style, color, or product code)
- Take delivery of goods and supplies in a timely manner
- Define and marks the alteration lines to fit garment on the customer's body
- Ensure that all merchandise is properly displayed and organized taking care of the visual merchandising, both in store and in windows, following the VM guidelines
- Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits

- Follow the procedures in full compliance with all the assigned activities

- Maintain and update professional and technical knowledge as trained and provided by high-ranking Managers

- Perform other duties as assigned by the Store/Floor Manager and related with the store activities


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Europe, Italy, Campania, Napoli

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Via Gaetano Filangieri, 69, 80121 Napoli NA

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03 - Associate's Degree / College Diploma / A-Level Equivalent

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English (B2 - Professional Working Proficiency)