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Who we are looking for


• How is our travel mate like?

The characteristics of the position offered are apparently contradictory: increasing awareness of the responsibilities involved and proactive behaviour when relating to other positions. There is a border line separating different positions that we compare to the "water surface line in a bottle." This is twilight zone where the concept of "enterprise contribution" occurs, that is when people exceed their best performances.

• What does today's and tomorrow's business need?

Let's start with the "essentials": the set of required skills includes English proficiency (and preferably a second spoken language too); basic qualifications for the position held (style, economics, marketing, and retail, etc.); and the ability to act beyond what is obvious and implement all skills that should belong to a smart phone expert.

• Additionally to essential skills

We target a number of "core" abilities. No matter how disregardable or obvious this may seem to you, strategic thinking and achievement, creativity, networking, and entrepreneurship (and many more...) are the ground layer of any role and position.
Finally, there should be the special skills, those that really make the difference. This includes being passionate about your job, eager to know and pick-up more complementary skills, and able to generate structured intuitions. The latter is a valuable skill for managing complex systems without having to go through the manuals and pool design and executive phases together.

• Would this be all?

As far as we can see, the "good practice and manners," respect, and sticking to one's own duties are the way to achieve personal and corporate goals.

...Are we ready? Go!